iOS Shortcut for DJs Shazam>Note

This is an iOS shortcut which reduces the number of steps necessary to identify (with Shazam) and save song details (to Notes).


ℹ️ Create a note on your iPhone labelled "Downloads" (you only need to do this once, this is the note that this shortcut will keep adding songs to).

ℹ️ Open the settings on the Shazam app and set to "Shazam on app start" (to start listening straight away when the app launches).

ℹ️ Open the settings of this shortcut and "Add to Home screen" (to add the shortcut to your home screen).


➡️ The first step clears your clipboard (necessary for the shortcut to function correctly).

➡️ Next, the Shazam app opens (and should start listening straight away and identify the song. If the song has not been identified, you can press the Shazam button to try again).

➡️ Once the song has been identified, long-press on the title and click "Copy" to save the artist/title to the clipboard.

➡️ At the top-left of the screen, press "Shortcuts" to return to the shortcuts app.

➡️ The artist and song name will be added as the last line in your "Downloads" note, and a notification will tell you so.

➡️ The device will vibrate to indicate the process is done.