Mixing & Mastering



After you have finished recording, arranging & producing your song, you will need to mix it to give it a professional polish before it gets released. With every project being different, I always ask to listen to your songs before offering mixing services. Oftentimes, my advice is one of these two:

    • It would be beneficial for your song to be mixed professionally, and I would be happy to assist with this.

    • The song only needs minor mixing adjustments on your end and it is ready to be mastered or stem mastered.


For full mixes, you will need to export every track in your session as audio, consolidated from start to end.


Since every song will require a different amount of work, it is impossible to give a flat fee for mixing. However, prices usually range from $600 - $900 per song, depending on the type of work to be done (e.g. vocal or drum editing, vocal tuning, high track count, re-synthesizing instruments, sample replacement, adding parts, etc...).



Mastering is the last process before a song is ready for release. As such, it is crucial to get a fresh pair of ears to listen to the mix and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it is of industry standard. Just like I do when assessing whether a song needs mixing services or not, I always listen to your song and give you advice on what (if anything) could be improved before sending it in for mastering.

If I believe that the song needs some adjustment from a mixing point of view, but does not necessarily need a full mix, I also offer stem mastering. In this case, I will process groups of instruments that need adjustments separately. From experience, stem mastering for electronic music often involves separating the song into these four stems: Kick, Vocals, Rest of Drums, Everything Else.


You will need to export your song at the same bit-depth and sample-rate you have been mixing at. In addition, your will need to give approximately 6dB of headroom at the loudest part of the song, and take off any limiter or other drastic effect on the master bus.


The basis is $85 per song for a regular or stem master. Discounts are available when more than one song is to be mastered.

Past Clients


Hot Trax, Pacha Recordings, Hussle Recordings, Onelove, Safari Music, Velcro, Shabang Records, Central Station Records, Xelon Entertainment, Nutek Ibiza, Nutek Records, Gee Spot Recordings, Laxity Recordings, Achterdeck, HiFi Stories, Erijo, Tech You Very Much!, Restore Music, Outta Limits, Kinetika Records, Doppelgaenger, Black Spot Recordings, FinePlay Records, Kaos Krew Records, Filter Music, Analog Recordings, Club Luxury, Subsequence Blue, Ibz Recordings, Royal Advisor Records, Tattva Music, Kiss My Beat Records, Hi-Tech Records, Ho-ju Records, Midnite Music, Vinyl Pusher Records, Klub Kids, Respect Music, The South East Grind, Snap Music, Yaiza Records, Hungry Koala Records, Midnight.


Davina Moss, TJR, Frank Stafford, Denzal Park, Bombs Away, Reece Low, Joel Fletcher, Tonic (Deorro), SCNDL, Freemasons, Kid Kreme, Djuro, Motez, Chris Arnott, Jolyon Petch, Ben Morris, JDG, Sam Hill, Trifo, Tenzin, Taras, Peace Treaty, Dabox, Oxford Hustlers, Paul Dluxx, Lefty, Larry Rocca, Stark Lion, Slice N Dice, Meltek, Jordan Burns, Heath Renata, Jack Love, Katahpilla, Kris Sach, Chris Gould, The Milkman, Pale Dale, Aydos, Less Is Moar, Chris Mazuras, Daphne M, Dirtie Clouds, Doss Rockerz, Elusyv, Mehdi, James Canning, Centaur, John Mool, Anikiko, Eric Jadi, Kings, John Brasco, False Idols, Killy Cakes, Boris Radman, The Komodo, Jetski Safari, Auckland House Authority, Starstruck Dummies, Echofusion, Little Junkies, Martin Wright, DJ Favorite, Incognet, Elektrik Disco, Quano, Rafael Cruz, Biemsix, Kevin Prise, Ramiles, Kehoe, Ctl Alt Del, Peyton, The Shazam Experience, Sicrea, Kitch, Kraymer, Lud Vyk, Andrew Lynch, Nik Conomos, Noy, Omegachild, Owen Thompson, Mega Drive Cartridge, Pretension, Radaza, Reecei Boi, Rubberteeth, Shameless, Tyler Touche, Stormzy, De La Roche, Vengeance AUS, Nick Thayer, Yale, Bass Kicka, Kunterbunt, Marc Ballum, Knights of Tokyo, Bogusdank, Marc Jamez, Shenrog, Wiggen, Fid Frantic, Pierre In The Air, Ashton Fox, Jistortion, Shutterz, Seek N Destroy, Nightblind, Dan Aux, Matthew Macinante, Riggers, Festus, Rowan P, Souldskid, Aztek, Dirty Basement, Hey Sam, Defunct, Divine X, Audiobotz, Thomas Williams, Zoolanda, Uberhammer, Night Dimension, I Am Sam, Lkid, Tim Plunkett, Jeremy Iliev, E-Skeemo, Spenda C, Bass Kartel, Smile On Impact, Jack That Body, Swit, D-Jastic, Nadisko, Mike Metro, Tiny Ducks, Frazer Adnam, Kalus, Surfdisco, Error 404, Neon Stereo, Polyfonik, Ken Oshima, Sleepover, Phonatics, Yasumo, Dope Slangers, Jaycen Amour, Wellsaid, Francesco Lupo, Rouge, Luca Testa, Flatline, Penske, Peggy Sue, Danny T, Contiez, Jam Xpress.


"We have worked with Stephane over the past few years. In this time, we have also worked with others who are quoted to be 'the best in the business' and we always go back to Stephane's Masters."

Mitch Spurrier - Shabang Records

"A lot of the Club Luxury releases go through Stephane's studio for Mixing and Mastering, we're always happy with the outcome."

Jolyon Petch - Club Luxury Records