Avid Certifications

Pro Tools User


The Avid Pro Tools Certified User Exam is the first of several certification exams that allow you to become Avid Certified. The combined certifications offer an established and recognized goal for both academic users and industry professionals.

The Avid Pro Tools User Certification requires that you display a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and concepts of digital audio editing on an Avid Pro Tools system.


An Avid Certified User credential allows you to:

    • Demonstrate your fundamental competency in digital audio editing with the current version of Avid Pro Tools.
    • Differentiate yourself from competitors and make your résumé stand out.
    • Leverage the power of the Avid brand by using your entitlement of Avid Pro Tools Certified User logos on your digital correspondence and business cards.
    • Confirm your credentials on Avid's Find a Certified Professional online listing and with a Certificate of Achievement.

Pro Tools Operator


Music Production is all about efficiency, flexibility and creativity. The Pro Tools Operator (Music) certification courses will guide you through the twists and turns of music production, and show you how Pro Tools can bring out the best in your music-from tracking and editing, through mixing and mastering. When you're done with your courses, you have the opportunity to join the proud ranks of Pro Tools Certified Operators (Music).

In the competitive world of audio post production, knowing the tools of the trade (and how to use them efficiently) is a key to success. The pathway to the Pro Tools Operator (Post) certification will empower you with the skills you need to make the most of your Pro Tools system in a Post Production environment. When successfully completed, your Pro Tools Operator (Post) certification will be a valuable, industry-recognized credential.


The major benefits of becoming a Certified Pro Tools Operator revolve around industry recognition and jobs. A Certified Pro Tools Operator credential provides:

    • An extra level of confidence in your skills-for you as a user and for your prospective employers.
    • Immediate industry recognition of proven expertise.
    • A listing in Avid's searchable database (with your approval).

Pro Tools Expert


Pro Tools Expert Music Certification represents the pinnacle in Avid's Music credentials. Exhaustively exploring all advanced aspects of music production, the Expert courses will prepare you to work in a wide variety of musical situations and employ techniques that will distinguish you from the competition.

When it comes to audio post production, a refined workflow and the ability to handle complex technical situations are critical to your success. Prove that you have both through the Pro Tools Expert (Post) course and certification. You'll cover advanced topics associated with interoperability, workflow, and more-giving you an edge up in the audio suite.


A Pro Tools Expert Certification provides:

    • Immediate industry recognition of proven expertise as a user who has reached the highest level and can operate a Pro Tools|HD system in a professional, fast-paced environment at an above-average skill level.
    • Differentiation from your competitors when applying for audio engineering work at commercial recording studios.
    • Differentiation from your competitors when applying for audio engineering work at commercial post production houses.
    • A listing in Avid's searchable database (with your approval).


"Stephane is able to use a range of teaching techniques, coupled with his own extensive industry experiences to deliver high-quality lessons to his students. Additionally, his ability to be consistently organized, and with excellent attention to detail enables high-quality outcomes."

Sean Foran - Pianist/Composer/Educator

"In my experience, Stephane's teaching style focusses on HOW to think, not necessarily WHAT to think - this disposition can be invaluable in terms of creative expression and approach, which has proven to be an advantage in the music/audio industries over and over again."

Cliff Young - Audio Engineer