Educator • Musician • Composer • Engineer

Career highlights:

    • 1 textbook written
    • 10+ years teaching experience
    • 100+ songs composed & released
    • 500+ songs mastered
    • 1000+ performances at 100+ venues
    • Avid Certified Pro Tools Expert Instructor (Music & Post)

You can access my abbreviated academic CV on this page.


I am a senior lecturer at SAE Brisbane. Over the past decade, I have taught at various educational levels including secondary, tertiary, VET, community-based settings, and at events such as Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference.

As a passionate educator, I wrote “Audio Production Principles: Practical Studio Applications” (textbook published in 2018 by Oxford University Press), hoping that my years of tireless learning through practice could help guide other engineers. The book covers topics such as basic control room acoustics, pre-production processes, sound recording processes (specifically aimed at popular music instruments), mixing, and mastering.


I have been involved in the Australian music industry since the early 2000s, performing as a professional DJ & percussionist at some of the largest venues and festivals the country has on offer (Creamfields, Stereosonic, Summafieldayze, etc.). As a percussionist, I have also had the privilege of accompanying great international DJs such as Junior Jack (ITA), Kid Creme (BEL), Davina Moss (FRA), DJ PP (URY), Mobin Master (AUS), Utah Saints (UK), Joe Silva (CAN), Mark Farina (US). At an international level, I have also performed in places such as Ibiza, Paris, Morocco, and New-Caledonia. 1,000+ performances at 100+ venues has given me an intricate knowledge of the nightlife industry.


As a composer / producer, I have honed my skills by composing folk and soft rock songs for a few years before moving into electronic music from 2010 onwards. I have gained industry recognition by releasing music on such compilations as Godskitchen, labels including Hussle Recordings and Central Station Records, reaching #1 sales on various online music retailers, numerous inclusions on the ARIA club chart, writing music for Film/TV such as Netflix's Lunatics and Locusts, writing jingles for companies such as EB Games, producing sample packs for Primeloops, and being featured in Audio Technology magazine. Most music releases have been done under the names Jotheo, Nino Live, and Stark Lion.


While I love the process of getting in recording studios and working with bands to get great performances down, my professional career as an engineer has mostly revolved around mixing and mastering.

As a mixing and mastering engineer, I have worked with hundreds of labels and artists since the late 2000s. For many years, I have been the in-house mastering engineer for Shabang Records, Club Luxury, Analog Recordings, and Nutek Ibiza. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of artists and labels. The full list can be found on this page.